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Android Dreams

Android Dreams

What would Androids dream about if they could? Space travel? Searching for new life?...


01 . Walking to the Stars *
02 . Capturing Time
03 . In the Launching Pad
04 . Zero Gravity
05 . Discovery
06 . Organic Matter
07 . Dawn of a New World
08 . Frozen Moon
09 . Stardust
10 . Escaping From The Black Hole
11 . Orbiting Saturn
12 . Human Pulses**

All tracks composed, arranged and produced by JOSE LUIS SERRANO ESTEBAN, except:
** Composed and arranged by JLSE, produced by MIRAGE OF DEEP and JLSE
"Android Guitar" pictures by LUIS DIEZ GURUMETA

About "Android Dreams"...

"Android Dreams" is a trip through a dreamy universe full of space ambiences, synthesizers, guitar solos and progressive rhythms.

The album was born in 1996, one year before I graduated in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Alcala de Henares in Madrid. That year I composed an electronic music suite called "Electronic Systems" which included seven parts, and seven different moods or ambiences. This music was created with electronic instruments but using classical music schemes I had in my mind and it was also inspired by the pioneers in electronic music and progressive rock music bands.

This suite remained unreleased until 2014, when I decided to start working on the "Android Dreams" album, and appear as tracks 03 to 09. I took another three demos from 1997 and 1998 and wrote two completely new ones (Orbiting Saturn and Human Pulses). I started from scratch, rearranging all notes, instruments and sounds, bringing them to life with new high quality sound. This process took me more than a year in the recording studio, carefully crafting them. And in this period I got the help of Nacho Ferrer (Mirage of Deep) in producing one of the newest pieces "Human Pulses" and the help of Miguel Angel Prados who wrote some lyrics for "Walking to the Stars", the most Pop-Rock track on the album, performed by Maria Esteban Ferrer and Jack Pastrami. The idea of my black strato as an "Android Guitar" walking through the stars came to life in Luis Diez Gurumeta Pictures. The circle was completed when Juan Carlos Dosdados took charge of artwork.

Promotional video

Android Dreams Excerpts

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This album is available as MP3 and FLAC in main digital services worldwide: iTUNES, AMAZON, CDBABY, SPOTIFY, DEEZER...

Physical CDs can be purchased from: CDBABY (Internacional). If you can not find it, please send me an email: info@jlsemusic.com


"...While Jose Luis' previous album had some more earthy elements such as Spanish guitar and world music influences, the focus for this new release is decidedly extra-terrestrial - straight off the mother ship. However, you won't find an ethereal Hearts Of Space-type recording on Android Dreams. Make no mistake - this album rocks. The recording is primarily instrumental and the sound reflects distant echoes of progressive rock (Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant), space rock (Pink Floyd, Gong, Hawkwind), and electronic/ new age music (Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream)..."
Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus, USA More...

"This is one of the best electric guitar- and synthesizer-based fusion albums of all time. Jose Luis Serrano Esteban's high-tech compositions and impeccable instrumentation are right up there with guitarists Andy Summers, Eric Johnson, and Paul Speer, and keyboardists Jan Hammer, Hans Zimmer, and Uwe Gronau. This is definitely a must-have for your portable music player."
Raj Manoharan, RajMan Reviews, USA More...

"Un trabajo fantástico... Una mezcla muy interesante de electrónica y sinfónico. Sonidos de guitarra electrica y sintetizadores muy bien equilibrados... Delicioso para los oídos."
Jorge Sergio, Articmist, SPAIN

"UNuevo y delicioso trabajo de Jose Luis Serrano Esteban. Como siempre te hará soñar.."
Manuel Lemos Muradas, O Cortello de Olon, SPAIN

"Tu nuevo disco es una joyita. Felicidades."
Francisco Manuel, La Otra Orilla, SPAIN

"Escuchando esta obra de arte. Muy buen álbum, con grandes dosis de electrónica y guitarras, y muy buen gusto en la composición. Enhorabuena por este trabajo."
Jaime Helios, SPAIN

Android Guitar


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