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Composer, Producer, Engineer.

New Age, Electronic, Contemporary Classical, Instrumental, Ambient, World, Pop, Rock, Folk.... simply music.

Discover my international award-winning music. I have composed, arranged and produced it thanks to my skills developed in music/emotion and engineering/reason.

On this web you may also watch live performances and other music projects in which I am involved as musician, arranger, recording engineer or producer.

Take your time, turn up the volume and enjoy the journey.

About my music...

Since I had my first musical instrument, about 1987, I have felt the need to express myself through music. More than 100 compositions have been released since then in different styles from Classical music to electronic music and rock music.

My music is melodic, instrumental and intimate. It uses elements from Classical, Rock, New Age, World and Electronic music in a fusion that knows no boundaries of countries or continents. It is a music full of differing shades of timbre, carefully produced in the recording studio, we may say 'craftwork', that invites the listener to pause and appreciate.

I consider that the creative work of production made during the recording and mixing processes is very important because it gives me freedom to use sound as another element of music, making it possible to use elements of electroacoustic music that allow me to emphasize ideas and create "sound landscapes".



Music has meaning when someone is listening to it. Thank you for enjoying these music compositions, because you give me reasons for continuing this music project, enabling me to keep on the marvellous task of converting dreams into music.

Thank you to my family, friends and collaborators who made the production of my albums possible.
To the friends, DJs, journalists, programmers, radio stations, reviewers and bloggers who have helped me to spread my music worldwide and also to local cultural entities such as Patronato de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Guadalajara and Excma. Diputación de Guadalajara among others.
And to those who buy my music, because you help me to fund the production of the new albums.

I would love to hear from you. Contact me via email or social networks:


CONTACT: info@jlsemusic.com

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