18th of March, 2022

"Miradas" premiere at Public Library of Guadalajara, with Sandra López (violin).

Public Library of Guadalajara premiere

Public Library of Guadalajara premiere


21st of December, 2021

Christmas sampler 2021 by is released. In this sampler, I participate with my original composition "Near the fireplace" featuring Juan Sánchez. I also play the guitar in Juan Sánchez's "Rita's Christmas Song".

12th of December, 2021

"Miradas" premiere at Casa de la Cultura theatre, in Cabanillas del Campo. With Sandra López (violin), Paula Campos (Flute) and Cristóbal Caballero (Doublebass).

Concierto en Cabanillas del Campo

Concierto en Cabanillas del Campo

29th of November, 2021

"Música privada" radio show.

15th of November, 2021

New video "Tus ojos" of "Miradas" recording sessions with Nacho Serrano, Mario Sanjuan Lazaro and Carlos Calvo.

06th of November, 2021

Rajman Reviews writes a nice review of "Miradas" album.
"For his fourth album, master guitarist Jose Luis Serrano Esteban uses nylon strings to create a well-rounded and immersive sonic environment that is a delight for the ears, the mind, and the soul."
"The melodies are beautiful and elegant, and Esteban’s pitch-perfect guitar playing is straightforward and accessible in service of the album’s overall light and pleasant pop sound."

15th of october, 2021

Special podcast of El Aljibe Musical, hosted by BJ Sebastian.

11th of October, 2021

Some of my tracks are broadcasted in "Cuando yo paro el tiempo" and "Música privada" radio shows.

29th of September, 2021

Sailing into the sunset (feat. Roger Subirana) is included in One World Music Radio Playlist #377.

27th of September, 2021

"Sin palabras" is played in Peaceful Radio (The Netherlands) show 1457.

24th of September, 2021

New video "La sonrisa de Leo" of "Miradas" recording sessions with Sandra López, Mario Sanjuan and Carlos Calvo.

13th of September, 2021

I play "MIRADAS" at the inauguration of the new multipurpose room of the Cabanillas Del Campo library.

Cabanillas Del Campo library

Cabanillas Del Campo library Poster

Radio interview hosted by Mercedes Castellano at Cadena COPE Guadalajara.

07th of September, 2021

"La sonrisa de Leo" is broadcasted in #959 podcast.

04th of September, 2021

MusiK EnigmatiK writes about "Miradas".

03rd of September, 2021

My new album "MIRADAS" is available on music platforms.




10th May, 2020

New composition "La sonrisa de Leo" sounds in "La Habitación Azul de nuevo", hosted by Luis Alberto Naranjo Peco.

2nd May, 2020

New video "Sailing into the sunset" (unreleased).

22nd March, 2020

New video "Esperanza" (Hope) 2020 version.

12th March, 2020

I give a Radio interview to Cadena Ser Guadalajara.

25th January, 2020

Paisajes Sonoros live show at Cámara Café, Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara).



5th November, 2019

New video "Poetare", a sample of a project with italian poet Marta Dall'Anesse.

5th May, 2019

New video "Frozen Moon", a piece from Android Dreams album.

30th March, 2019

New video "La isla del volcán" (The volcano island), images by Volando Sobre Canarias, Paula Campos (flute) & Sandra López (violin).

5th March, 2019

Special radio show "Vuelo 404 AA", hosted by BJ Sebastian.



23rd December, 2018

New video "Calma" (Calm), Paula Campos (flute) & Sandra López (violin).

8th November, 2018

New video "La sonrisa de Leo" (Leo's smile), Paula Campos (flute) & Sandra López (violin). Pictures by Jesús Aguilar.

2nd March, 2018

New video "Human Pulses" from Android Dreams album, produced in collaboration with Mirage of Deep.



21st September, 2017

I participated in the "Procrastinando" poetry book presentation, by Jesús Ramón Valero Díez, playing two original compositions for two poems "No sabe que hay un mar" & "Quisiera que mi pluma", while Gracia Iglesias recited.



22nd December, 2016

New composition "Snowflakes", created in collaboration with Roger Subirana for Lost Frontier Christmas Sampler 2016.

3rd September, 2016

New video "Ternura" for a new instrumental piece.

4th July, 2016

I play the acoustic guitar for "Romantic Fields" by Mirage of Deep which was released on this date. In May 2017, this song was nominated for the Hollywood Music and Media Awards, L.A.

18 June, 2016

I perform "Paisajes Sonoros" audiovisual show at Cabanillas Del Campo.

Paisajes Sonoros 2016



7th December, 2015

I release an new instrumental version of the track "Walking to the stars" from the Android Dreams album.

26th November, 2015

I appear in local video "Cabanillas es Musica", promoted by the local council.

21st September, 2015

Android Dreams plays for the first time in Spanish National Radio, DISCOPOLIS 9077 hosted by José Miguel López.

14th September, 2015

"Signals from Distant Galaxies" is broadcasted on "Músicas imaginadas", hosted by Ignacio Bahíllo Pelluz.

9th July, 2015

I give a Radio Interview to "El Pasacalles", Radio Castilla La Mancha, hosted by María José Acevedo. (interview starts 10 minutes after podcast start).

23rd June, 2015

Some pieces from "Android Dreams" appear in LA OTRA ORILLA (EPISODE #1196).

16th June, 2015

My new composition "Signals from Distant Galaxies" is released on this Space Music album. Lost Frontier SAMPLER 17 CD3: Back to the Earth.

15th June, 2015

I give an interview to local newspaper "Nueva Alcarria".

"Escaping from the Black Hole" & "Stardust" are broadcasted on "MUSICAS IMAGINADAS" radio show, hosted by Ignacio Bahillo Pelluz.

4th June, 2015

"Android Dreams" is presented on "El Aljibe" at Radio Arrebato, hosted by Bj Sebastian.

5th May, 2015

"Android Dreams" is broadcasted on "Música Privada" 05-05-2015, hosted by Miguel Angel Espigares.

1st May, 2015

My new álbum "Android Dreams" is released.

24th April, 2015

Music from my project "JOY IS MY NAME" is played on MUSICAS IMAGINADAS, hosted by Ignacio Bahillo.



10th February, 2014

I give a radio interview to Cope Guadalajara, talking about "Joy Is My Name":

17th January, 2014

I give a radio interview to "El Aljibe Musical", hosted by BJ Sebastian:

JLSE con BJ Sebastian

9th January, 2014

Cultura en Guada magazine presents "Joy Is My Name" project:

6th January, 2014

"JOY IS MY NAME" album is released. I produced this project and managed it together with Miguel Angel Prados and Cristóbal Caballero.

Joy Is My Name



1st September, 2013

Some spanish media talk about the IMA Award:

New review in "MusiK EnigmatiK" blog:

8th August, 2013

I give a radio interview to Cadena Cope "La Mañana en Castilla la Mancha", hosted by Laura Sanchez.

7th August, 2013

Your votes made "A New Horizon Special Edition" 2012 Best New Age Album at the 12th Independent Music Awards. When I think this music is appreciated by people from many different places, I feel so grateful. This give me a reason to keep on composing new beautiful music for you all. THANKS A LOT!!

Vox Pop Winner

4th April, 2013

"A New Horizon Special Edition" plays on "Músicas Imaginadas".

10th January, 2013

"A New Horizon Special Edition" plays on "La era musical" radio show, Radio Guadalquivir.



16th December, 2012

"Carmen, The Victory of Life" appears on a documentary broadcasted by "La 2" (National Spanish TV).

9th December, 2012

"Paisajes Sonoros Música Visual" solo performance at ECOCENTRO, Madrid.

Actuación en Ecocentro

25th November, 2012

"Paisajes Sonoros Música Visual" solo performance at Centro Kardia, Madrid.

Actuación en Centro Kardia

19th July, 2012

Special radio program "Músicas Futuras" by Paco Barroso, ONDA JEREZ RADIO.

Músicas Futuras

30th of June, 2012

"Paisajes Sonoros" show has its premiere at los Jardines del Palacio del Infantado (Guadalajara).

Actuación de Paisajes Sonoros

8th June, 2012

I give an interview to TV Guadalajara "GAD" show, hosted by Estefanía Nussio:

Entrevista en TV Guadalajara con Estefanía Nussio

8th May, 2012

I give a radio interview to Cadena Ser "Hoy Por Hoy Madrid", all-Madrid-area radio show hosted by Paloma Delgado:

Entrevista en CADENA SER MADRID con Paloma Delgado

5th May, 2012

Live show at FNAC Plaza Norte (Madrid):

4th May, 2012

I give a radio interview to Cadena Cope "Así son las mañanas", all Spain area radio show, hosted by Ernesto Sáenz de Buruaga and Luis Del Val:

Entrevista en COPE con E.S.Buruaga y Luis Del Val

12th April, 2012

New review of "A new horizon Special Edition" at "Música para el bunker" blog.

9th April, 2012

"A New Horizon Special Edition" plays on "La Otra Orilla" (EPISODE #713). Radio Despí.

7th April, 2012

"A new horizon Special Edition" is reviewed by John P. Olsen from "New Age Music World".

5th April, 2012

"A new horizon Special Edition" album premiere at FORUM de FNAC Callao (Madrid).

JLSE en FNAC Callao Madrid

31st March, 2012

Concert for WWF "Planet's hour", with Fernando Bartolomé & Carlos Calvo.


30th March, 2012

"Inner Light" is included on "Sounds from the circle IV" MP3 International New Age Music Compilation. More than 5000 CDs were distributed at worldwide trade shows and important industry events in the new age, wellness, music and radio communities.

Sounds from the circle IV

21st March, 2012

"A New Horizon Special Edition" is February 2012 WORLD RADIO TOP 2. Thank you!.

15th March, 2012

"A New Horizon Special Edition" plays on La Era Musical. Radio Guadalquivir.

23rd February, 2012

I give a radio interview to 'LA ERA MUSICAL', Radio Guadalquivir 107.5, hosted by Andrés Abato:

20th February, 2012

ZONE MUSIC REPORTER International Top 100 Radio Airplay Chart is published. "A New Horizon Special Edition" reaches TOP 3 in the first month.

11th February, 2012

"A New Horizon Special Edition" plays on RADIO PLENITUDE (France).

Live show at Teatro Moderno de Guadalajara.

Concierto presentación en el Teatro Moderno.

9th February, 2012

I give a radio interview to Cadena Ser Guadalajara.


6th February, 2012

I give a radio interview to "Música Para el Búnker" blog.

5th February, 2012

I give a radio interview to national newspaper ABC.

2nd February, 2012

"A New Horizon Special Edition" is January TOP 8 at ECHOES (USA)

Echoes Radio January Charts

19th January, 2012

"A new horizon special edition" is broadcasted at "Los sonidos del planeta Azul.

Los sonidos del planeta azul.

17th January, 2012

I give a radio interview to "Cuando yo paro el tiempo", Onda Maracena Radio, hosted by Miguel Angel Espigares.

15th January, 2012

"A New Horizon Special Edition" choosen as CD of the week at RADIO Rijnwoude (The Netherlands).

12 January, 2012

Review at Reviews New Age by Alejandro Clavijo.

7th to 11th January, 2012

"A new horizon special edition" plays on: ECHOES (USA), Happy New Age radio (South Korea) and RADIO MAGICO (France).



25th November, 2011

I give a radio interview to "Noches de Alaska", Radio Arrebato, hosted by Ernesto Vena.

14th November, 2011

"A New Horizon Special Edition" is released.

A New Horizon Special Edition

26th October, 2011

New review at New Age Music World.

25th August, 2011

New video "Further than the Milky Way".

28th July, 2011

I give a radio interview to "O cortello De Olon", hosted by Manuel Lemos.

21st June, 2011

PEPE LOECHES, 5 Grammy-winner prestigious Sound Engineer and producer, presents my music on local radio Cadena Ser Guadalajara.

24th April, 2011

New video "Nacimiento" (birth) from "A New Horizon".

30th March, 2011

Review at "New Age Music World", by John P. Olsen.

11th March, 2011

I give a radio interview to Radio Arrebato, hosted by Ernesto Vena.

10th March, 2011

I appear as Featured Musician on LANDSCAPE HD TV channel (now extinguished).


31st January, 2011

Review by Alejandro Clavijo at ReviewsNewAge.



22nd December, 2010

Press note at "ARTICMIST.ORG" by Jorge Sergio.

30th January, 2010

Live performance at Teatro Moderno, Guadalajara.

Cartel Teatro Moderno



9th November, 2009

"Un Nuevo Horizonte" is released.

Portada Un Nuevo Horizonte



1st May, 2002

"Tierra de Sueños" is released.

Portada Tierra de sueños