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A New Horizon

A New Horizon

A New Horizon is instrumental music. Contains pieces ranging from neoclassical music to electronic rock. Its main purpose is to reach Peace through the Beauty expressed in music..


In January 2012, album was sent to international press and radio stations. In February 2012, it achieved TOP 2 in International New Age/World/Ambient broadcast charts.
In December 2012 was YEAR 2012 TOP 10, after 7 months in charts.
In March 2013, it was nominee to the 12th Independent Music Awards and in August 2013 became VOX POPULI WINNER as 2012 Best New Age Album

A New Horizon 2012 Vox Popular Winner


01 Carmen (the victory of life). My daughter Carmen revolutionized my life and the life of those around me, even some months before her birth. She was determined to come to life even in difficult circumstances. And happily she succeeded.
02 Coming to life. Some say that since the moment of conception, the soul begins a descent to earth in order to gain its human shape.
03 Colors of the countryside.
The country in spring is a huge canvas full of color and life.
04 Planet Earth.
Our planet is just a grain of sand on the beach of the universe, but it is unique. Let's take care of our gift.
05 The start of a new day.
The first sunrays appear on the horizon, giving the necessary energy for life to begin. This piece is a version of a violin and guitar duet that I composed in 1997.
06 Inner light.
Look inside yourself and never lose sight of your soul's light, this is the only place where you will find the answers.
07 Solar.
Sun and its attraction keep life in our solar system.
08 Storm at dusk.
Dark clouds do not allow us to see sunlight and our skin gets wet.
09 Cosmos.
The immensity of the cosmos can not be described with words. Thanks to Carl Sagan for trying to explain it to us in his documentary.
10 Moon.
When I realized, moonlight had entered through my room window... This piece is one of my firsts compositions.
11 Birth.
A birth moves all that is established, and can even lead to the re-birth of those surrounding it.
12 Spring has arrived.
The cold has gone, trees blossom and life explodes once again.
13 Next to you.
Orchestral arrangement of a guitar piece. Dedicated to Rocío. Thanks for walking next to me.
14 Further than the milky way.
A longing for a distant blue planet while we are moving further away from the Milky Way.

BONUS TRACKS (Only in Special Edition)

15 NEARLY TOUCHING A DREAM (ROZANDO UN SUEÑO) It was originally a duet composed for violin and guitar. It has passed through different versions until it has been finally recorded. It is about these moments where you think you have reached your dreams and when you try to touch them with your hand, they dissappear like a bubble exploding.
Composed in 2010 and recorded in 2011, this piece was born as a lullaby dedicated to my daughter Carmen. I could not have started the path toward this new horizon without her, so I decided that she had to start and also close this disc.

All tracks composed, arranged and produced by JOSE LUIS SERRANO ESTEBAN.

Guest musicians:

SANTIAGO PUENTE plays clarinet in 13.
NURIA FELIX plays the violin in 03, 05, 08, 12 & 16.
COVADONGA SERRANO plays the piano in 08 & 13.
MARIA GLORIA ESTEBAN plays the flute in 06 & 13.
NACHO SERRANO plays the 12 string acoustic guitar in 14 and bass guitar in 09 & 14.
CARLOS CALVO plays the flute in 15.
ELISA MON plays the violin in 15.
CRISTOBAL CABALLERO plays the doublebass in 15.
JOSE LUIS SERRANO ESTEBAN: classical guitar, acoustic guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar, electroacustic guitar, electric guitars, bass guitar, piano, keyboards & percussion instruments (shakers, chimes, rain stick).

About "A New Horizon"...

The Chinese ideogram for "CRISIS" contains two ideograms and one of them means "OPPORTUNITY". My second disc has been born out of personal experiences during this time of crisis, and it has given me the opportunity to find A NEW HORIZON.

I have wanted to create this disc in its entirety in order to 'give birth' to it. I have composed, arranged, recorded and mixed all the music contained in this CD between april and october, 2009.

A New Horizon Special Edition contains two new bonus tracks, completely new artwork (digipack special package) by plastic artist and designer Juan Carlos Dosdados, and was recorded with the help of three new guest musicians. It was released in november 2011 to be internationally presented in january 2012.

Design is based in three pictures that I shooted:
* The "eagle" picture was taken at a height of 1783 meters, from the sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de la Peña de Francia, in Salamanca, Spain, in may 2009.
* The "clouds" picture was taken while I was flying over the Chinese province of YunNan, the name literally means "South of the Colorful Clouds", in june 2008.
* The "green field" picture used in Special Edition was taken in Cabanillas Del Campo, Guadalajara (60Km away from Madrid) in spring.

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"A beautiful musical experience that gets my MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for listeners who demand more than cliche in their aural experiences." Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation nation #122.
"A New Horizon," is a gem, full of magnificent healing energy. I plan to play it on my first show of the new year and a lot more after that, I'm sure. Yesterday, the CD was my audio masseuse-on-call; it offered me solace and deep healing that I so badly needed. Thank you!" Barry Sultanoff, Mana'o Radio Maui. Hawaii.
"The CD is a stunning showcase of beautiful compositions and impeccable musicianship, layered richly with Jose’s nylon-, steel-, and 12-string acoustic guitars, electric guitars, basses, keyboards, and percussion, as well as contributions from others on clarinet, flute, violin, 12-string acoustic guitar, and bass.(...)I honestly thought that Eric Johnson was one of the last true guitar heroes. I have been proven wrong. We need more guitarists like Jose Luis Serrano Esteban." Raj Manoharan, New York Metropolitan Area RajMan Reviews.
"...A New Horizon (Special Edition) is an adventurous blend of classical and electronic rock music with several songs in near representation style to iconic band Tangerine Dream...." John P.Olsen
"...What a great album Jose Esteban has put together. The contemporary elements are intricate, yet soothing. I do not if he started out with an aim towards a calming feeling, but it ended up that way. There is enough romance and everyday warmth to make the album appealing to many kinds of listeners. I recommend it highly for its uniqueness. RJ Lannan, Zone Music Reporter, USA Zone Music Reporter.
"...“A New Horizon” is a masterfully crafted blend of new age, classical, rock, electronic, and world music, which was influenced in his early years by recordings he heard on the Windham Hill and Narada labels.(...)Like a fine wine, the album seems to increase in richness and complexity as it evolves." Michael Diamond, Los Angeles. (PDF).
"...Jose Luis combines his skills and training as a versatile musician (guitar, keyboards, drum and rhythm programming) and as an electronics expert (music production, engineering, studio electronics, broadcasting, sound installations, etc.) to create music that is both beautiful and beautifully recorded.(...) The sixteen original compositions are varied in style, but all carry a warm invitation to find beauty and peace in the music."Kathy Parsons,
"...From calm and silence in a green field and with the wind in his face revealed in songs, 'A new horizon (special edition)' is a hymn to hope from its beginning to its end..." Sergio Alberruche, Guadalajara Dosmil.
"...instrumentally rich album where the sound of the strings are mixed with keyboards and ambient sounds, achieving the goal set by the artist: to achieve peace, but above all, getting the most absolute beauty..." Alejandro Clavijo, ReviewsNewAge
"...What was a surprise when listening to the album was that to a large extent his playing the electric guitar sounded so similar in style to that of Mike Oldfield...." John M Peters, UK .
"The technical side of A New Horizon is matched by the exceptional expertise of the artist and his guest stars. This is 'a new horizon' that is well worth exploring!" Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter, USA.

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