When your gaze turns inward like in a sweet dream....

Joy is my name


Joy is my name

Joy Is My Name is a musical project that was born from instrumental compositions by JOSE LUIS SERRANO ESTEBAN that became Pop songs with classical instruments. Poetry by MIGUEL ANGEL PRADOS. Musical arrangements by CRISTOBAL CABALLERO, MIGUEL ANGEL PRADOS and JOSE LUIS SERRANO. Music production by JOSE LUIS SERRANO ESTEBAN.

Guest musicians:
Eva Nguema: Voice
La Esperanza choir (conducted by Elisa Gómez)
Nuria Félix: Violin
Beatriz Andradas: Viola
Carlos Calvo: Flute
Santiago Puente: Clarinet
Germán García: Drums
Santiago Cogolludo: Didgeridoo, Gongs and percussions
Carmen, Celia, Cristóbal, Maite, Rocío, Miguel Angel: Choirs
Cristóbal Caballero: doublebass and bass guitar
José Luis Serrano: Guitars, bass guitar, keyboards and programming

"When your gaze turns inward like in a sweet dream. When the breeze caresses the leaves of the poplars and on a summer night you wait for me in the moonlight. When time passes and you realize that it is impossible to go back. When I'm wrong and despite everything you smile. When under the starry sky you feel the deepest loneliness and yet the wind of life stirs the blood in your veins. When you feel a previously unknown joy that is transformed into music. When sufferings and dream days, tears and springs follow one another in the cycle of existence. When your heart sings the splendor of beauty. When we break down the borders that separate us and the echo of my music reaches you ... JOY IS MY NAME"

01. Pasaje hacia la Tierra de los Sueños (INSTRUMENTAL)
02. Noche de Verano
03. Reflexiones
04. Liberation
05. Peoples
06. Hope

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Joy Is My Name - Eva
Joy Is My Name - Elisa
Joy Is My Name - Coral
Joy Is My Name - Beatriz
Joy Is My Name - Carlos
Joy Is My Name - Santi
Joy Is My Name - Germán
Joy Is My Name - Santiago
Joy Is My Name - Nuria
Joy Is My Name - Todos
Joy Is My Name - Cristóbal
Joy Is My Name - Miguel
Joy Is My Name - Jose